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Atticus Sumner | Performer, Entertainer, Dancer

Atticus Sumner has been on an entertainment journey since he was a teenager. Over 30 years ago, he created the Cottonwood Cloggers which is a dance company that operates in Michigan.  After reaching a total of 9 dance studios and almost 1000 students it became clear to  Franchise and license his teaching methodologies and systems in preparation for National expansion.  He created and leads the “million taps for a million kids” campaign, which inspires youth to use dance as a form of exercise in fighting the childhood obesity plaguing our country.

He has performed at the Fox Theater in Detroit, opened for the Grand Ole Opry with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys, Hank Williams Jr., Ricky Skaggs, Holly Dunn, and the Bellamy Brothers. Atticus has also worked with Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, Olympic Medalist Judy Brown, Willard Scott, Minnie Pearl and award winning hip hop artist “G-Reality”. Atticus has performed throughout the United States for millions as a dancer and has now broken into the music industry with his own original music. When Atticus first began composing music, he was inspired by his history in the entertainment industry as well as his own life lessons. Many have referred to him as “phenomenal, inspiring and brilliant”.  Since his humble beginnings, he has come a long way.

Through his efforts at dance, Atticus was also able to expand in many other areas.  He Paid his way through college by teaching dance, receiving a degree in “Film and Telecommunications” at Eastern Michigan University.  Atticus also designed and had manufactured a small fleet of portable stages used for concerts and rentals creating the company “Stage Express”.  He arranged a high profile sponsorship with Hummer and a regional dealer, to have one of  the first civilian units of the H1 to pull those stages promotionally throughout the country.  At that time Atticus created a full stage production called American Thunder – (America’s History Through Music and Dance), which features the best material of his career.

With over twenty years of experience, Atticus has also helped run marketing campaigns for high profile accounts in entertainment and business. With an ever expanding network of top end professionals to collaborate with, Atticus can help produce any project from Super Bowl commercials to Documentaries, and Reality Shows to Stage Shows. Whether you’re a top three automobile manufacturer wanting a full blown film and marketing campaign for your new line of vehicle, or attempting an Award winning Feature Film, or a small business that needs results on a budget, there is absolutely no doubt he can help. With proficient knowledge in all these areas and colleagues who surpass his knowledge, there is no aspect of production that is not met with Television, Film, Music, and Performance industry top standards. Conceptual, creative, artistic, production, marketing, advertising buys, network deals, film, music and entertainment is the production power of Atticus and more importantly the industry power houses that he has the privilege of knowing and working with. The kind that are far past a website or brochure to promote their talents.

In addition to developing his performance career in entertainment he also was expanding his horizons with other opportunities.  Atticus invested time and profits into real-estate projects by partnering with top builders to do Developments and construction.

Most importantly when not giving his all for clients, he is helping charitable programs for kids. To date he has helped reach over 100,000 kids in need with positive messages, encouragement and finances that has helped change their life.

Atticus is a family man Married for over 25 years with two children. Devotion to them is his driving force behind excellence and success.